These Jaimini Scholars are currently certified to teach the Jaimini Scholar Program. Final certification for complete course was done at Bhimtal, Himalayas on Monday, 31 October, 2011.

The certification followed the traditional practice of Shiva Puja ceremony, which is performed to indicate the students transition into a qualified Scholar and Teacher. In the ceremony each scholar was given a White Shiva Linga, followed by a several hour practice of Pranapratisha, wherein the Shiva Linga is imbibed by the practitioner and is awakened for further worship.

The dedication to the Shiva Linga is the dedication to the knowledge, the Veda and the Guru which every scholar must imbibe in themselves.

To follow in their footsteps, learn and master the Upadesha Sutras of Jaimini, seek out and contact one of the Jaimini Scholars in your vicinity. Through the links below you can learn more about each Jaimini Scholar and read articles from the same.

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